You will not become a designer until you start to listen

This title might seem like a strong statement for some. The reality is that you have to actively seek information when you are trying to create, to solve or to improve something. I would also like to mention that this could apply to anything else you want to do well.

In my life, I’ve noticed that you can create for yourself the opportunity to learn but if you are not prepared to receive the information it will all be a waste of time. You can read, watch tutorials or practice but at some point you must stop and reflect, question, and practice distancing yourself from your work.

Our first instinct is to defend, explain or push our ideas onto other people. My advice to you is to let your work speak for itself and listen. Embrace the feedback, reactions and input others have on it. The way others perceive it is important. It tells you if you were able to send the message you intended to send. Think of your work as a way of communicating. You won’t be able to explain what you did all the time to all the people that might come in contact with it.

Photo by gilber franco on Unsplash
Photo by gilber franco on Unsplash

Imagine being in a gallery looking at paintings. If you were the painter, do you think you could sit next to your art and justify to the people in the gallery every choice you made while creating it? Is your purpose to change people’s minds about your creation or is it to improve people’s lives with it?

Be curious about what people have to say. Be present in the conversation and don’t just listen to reply. Be open to the good and the bad and accept your failures as much as you accept your successes. In my experience the faster you fail the faster you learn.

I would like to add that I know it’s hard to be vulnerable and truthful with yourself but it will help you more than ignoring everyone around you. You will never stop learning but you can do it faster or slower depending on how much you’re willing to embrace it.

I hope you’re staying safe during these difficult times! ✌ – Elena