From Coding To Design – Part 2

Ha ha, just kidding 🤣 I stayed at home for a month looking for anything in the design area, an internship, a job, anything. I applied for anything I could find. I was lucky enough to get some help from people I knew from college who asked around and helped me with advice about how to make a good resume and build a small portfolio.
As luck has it, I got in touch with a guy from college and he set me up for a interview. By the way, this guy became one of my best friends in the process, but I digress . ( shout out to Pava ✌)
I was so happy to have the opportunity to interview for a job I was excited to have and this motivated me to study more and learn about the subject.
That is how I found this video that made me feel like this was the right path for me.

This made me think that I could empathize 🌞 with people and I could be creative 🎨 and it made more sense to me than any other jobs.
The interview went well but sadly the company wasn’t really looking for a designer. I got a 2 week mentor ship out of it and after that they said they would call me next year. Mind you this happens in October. I was not about to waste 3 more months so I proposed to stay on the job without being payed for 3 months as a part time job. In my mind I figured I don’t hurt no one and after that at least I get to see how people work in a corporation.
What else was I gonna do? Stay at home? Not for me.

They said yes and I think that was a great lesson for me. I was doing it with hope and pleasure. I met a great deal of awesome people along the way that helped shape my life and career. I was the only ‘designer’ they had so probably for them I was a test for them to see if it was forth it. For me it was and even thought it was hard not knowing if I was going to get the job after 3 months, I was hopeful and happy to be there.

This is how my designer story began 3 years ago and I still have a long way to go but I wanted to show that it wasn’t easy for me either. I meet a lot of people that want to start, or try or be a designer and they get bombed out when they see it’s not a piece of cake to get your foot in the door.

All I want to say is work smart and keep at it and good things will come. 😉

I hope this little story inspires you to try and hopefully one day you will see your dream come true.  🤞😊