From Coding to Design – part 1

In 2016 I was in my last year of college studying computer science. After three years of math & coding, I didn’t think that was truly my path.
And so, as many college students do, I applied for internships. I wasn’t sure what I should do, considering my skills. I could apply for anything in the development aria but what I really wanted was to play with visual elements.
It was a battle between what I wanted to do and what I knew at that moment to do.

And as most people, I felt scared to go out of my comfort zone, event though my comfort zone felt quite uncomfortable.

I managed to do an internship as a Frontend Developer which was a good start because it thought be about some stuff I would later use as a Designer without even knowing. But by the end of the internship I knew I wanted to take a chance and try again, only this time with a little bit more courage and hope, as a UX Design Intern.

Looking back, that decision feels insignificant, but for me at that time it was a huge risk I was taking. Considering I could have a steady job and continue on the path my college prepared me for. But I thought that was the first moment in my life when I was actually in control of my future. Before that I always relied on other people to tell me what to do, one way or another. From teachers, to classmates, to professors and parents, since first grade I trusted that everyone else, knew better what I should be doing then I did.

And after leaving my first job, without much design skills, knowledge and zero experience I started my journey as a UX Designer.