Memories take over

I hear the screaming from my upstairs neighbor while I’m browsing for uses for my 6+ jars of compote. I’ve gathered them this winter from relatives. I don’t have a sweet tooth but I wouldn’t want their work to go to waste so I’m looking for ways to use them in recipes. At first the…

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You will not become a designer until you start to listen

This title might seem like a strong statement for some. The reality is that you have to actively seek information when you are trying to create, to solve or to improve something. I would also like to mention that this could apply to anything else you want to do well. In my life, I’ve noticed…

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UX Meetup Iasi #5 – Problem Framing

In the last couple of years I’ve seen the UX Community in our city grow more and more and it makes me so happy! Last year a new meetup was born from hard work and a lot of love for design: UX Meetup. It was created by a group of passionate designers called UX Rocks.…

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About Me

Hi, I’m Elena. Welcome to my blog! Over the years I met a lot of people who asked my similar questions so I decided to write the answers down for anyone who might need them. Hope you enjoy your time here. You can reach me on social media if you want to talk. Cheers!

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